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12 Jul 2017

Valentine's Day Date Ideas and Tips


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Posted By Belinda A.

Every year the dreaded date approaches, feared by most men: Valentines' Day. If you have a significant other, you know how stressful Valentine's Day can be. With the expectations put on men by their partners to be romantic and unique, it is no wonder that they have a hard time living up to them. If you are struggling and trying to think of something to do on Valentine's Day, here are some great date ideas for you to try out to impress your date on the big day.

Try a couple's spa day or night. It can be a great way to connect and relax together. Simply purchase gift certificates to wrap up and give to your girl, and then hit the spa on Valentine's Day together for some serious pampering of both the mind and body. While it might not sound like your perfect night, your date will love the thought you put into her enjoyment and remember the date for months to come.

Cook dinner together. And no, don't just go to her house and wait for her to make something to eat, put some serious thought into the menu and bring all of the ingredients to her place to cook. Check out cookbooks at the library or recipes online to make up a menu, and be creative. Don't forget to bring dessert, and she'll love the one on one time that you get to spend together.

Consider taking her on a date that you wouldn't normally go on, such as a twilight cruise on a nearby lake, or try a new restaurant that is more upscale than you are used to. Write a formal invitation to your date, specifying dress code and time to be ready, and then pick her up and whisk her away for a new experience that you're both trying for the first time.

Of course, there is something to be said for the old comfortable standby of dinner and a movie. Just remember these tips. Make sure you get reservations for the restaurant you'd like to go to, since Valentine's Day can be busy and have longer wait times than normal. Choose a movie you know she'd like, and either call phone movie trailers for times and tickets or buy tickets early online, so that you are less stressed on the big day. She is sure to have a good time as long as you are together.


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