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3 Jul 2017

Is It Time to Switch to Blu-ray?


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Posted By Alfonso S.

Blu-ray and HD DVD discs and players have been on the market for years now. However; many were hesitant to make the jump because the impending death of one or the other was due. As most of us know, Blu-ray turned out to be champion. Many say it is because of the advanced technology, some say it is because of the PlayStation 3 but no matter what, Blu-ray is the best we have for the time being. Regardless, is it time to upgrade yet? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Your Television
Have you upgraded to a 1080p HDTV yet? Blu-ray disc players display 1080p resolution so if you don't have the television to match, you aren't going to see a noticeable improvement. However, if you need a new DVD player now and you are planning to upgrade soon, it may make sense to start building your Blu-ray disc collection for when that day comes. Within the next few years when you do upgrade, you'll have a hard time finding a TV that doesn't display 1080p resolution.

2. Increased costs
Not only do Blu-ray disc players cost more than regular DVD players, the Blu-ray movies cost a decent amount more. You should expect to pay upwards of $29.99 for new releases and $20 for some of the older movies. If you choose to upgrade your old DVD collection, it will definitely cost you a bit more when re-purchasing all of your old DVD's. Blu-ray disc players are quickly dropping in price. You can pick a decent one up for under $200. However, higher end Blu-ray disc players still cost a few hundred bucks.

3. Is Blu-ray going to stick around long?
The next logical choice for obtaining movies is by downloading them through an Internet connection. This causes other various issues but is Blu-ray going to be around long enough to be worth getting into. Most people still think it will mostly for portability reasons. If you download all your movies and store them on a hard drive, how do you let your friends borrow movies or play movies in the car for your kids? The most logical possibility seems to be the ability to download movies to some sort of player connected to your HDTV with the ability to burn that movie to a blank Blu-ray disc. The possibility of Blu-ray dying soon isn't very likely and probably shouldn't be a major hold up if you are considering the switch.

We are getting close to the perfect time to switch to high definition Blu-ray discs but we're not quite there yet. Blu-ray disc players are sharply dropping in price but are still too new of a technology to get a really good deal. When Blu-ray disc players hit reasonable prices and the Blu-ray movies come down to normal prices, you should get ready to make the switch.


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