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2 Jul 2017

What Are The Laws Regarding DVD Use And Duplication


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Posted By Kate O.

Because of all the laws and regulations regarding DVD duplication many people are confused as to exactly what it entails. People are even uncertain if they have, the ability to create duplicates of the DVDs you already own. The unfortunate reality is there are no solid pieces of advice when it comes to DVD duplication for personal use. The thing is, each DVD you have in your collection, even though you purchased it, is actually copyrighted, and owned by another person. You are essentially purchasing the right to use it. Within the copyright laws, which are not at all clear, it is stated that after purchase, the DVD movie can be used as defined in "Fair Use".

This means you can bring a few friends or family members over to your home to watch the movie, show it during a Cub Scout activity, or other such activities. The only provision in this aspect is that it cannot be used commercially. This means you cannot legally charge anyone to watch the movie, under any circumstances. So legally you can't ask your buddies to pay for watching one of these DVDs.

When talking about DVD duplication for personal use, the law is not at all clear. The reality is the chances of you getting into enormous trouble for taking a DVD you already own and duplicating it for your own personal use such as if, the original copy breaks or becomes unwatchable, is extremely unlikely. However, personal use is the keyword in this whole statement. If you duplicate a DVD and then lend to a friend or family member, this is a clear infraction of the fair use policy. By ignoring this policy and the copyright laws, you are putting yourself at risk of facing prosecution for the DVD Duplication.

The best advice anyone can give you is to ensure that any DVD duplicates you create are in a safe and inaccessible place for any visitors you have. If they were to get one or you were to lend one to a friend, you could be facing serious charges that include high fines and possible imprisonment. The copyright laws are in place to ensure that the owner of the copyright is protected from any types of fraud and illegal activities, which includes DVD duplication of any form. It is best to simply avoid making any duplicates of any DVD movies to protect yourself and your friends. Purchasing the movie will help in support of your favorite actors and directors.


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